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Font and colour for a clothing logo design; how to select the best one for any clothing business

We transform your logo vision or artwork into reality with our professional custom logo design experience and creativity. Creating a logo will require you to determine brand fonts and colours that best reflect your business personality according to your brand guide. It would help if you learned what logo colours mean and what’s best for your clothing brand. Formulating a clothing logo will require you to choose brand fonts and colours that best echo your clothing business personality according to your brand guide.

We have listed some emotions generally associated with each primary colour. Keep in mind that the specific opacity and tone will affect emotions differently. We will explain how you can choose fonts and colours for your brand guide to make your brand memorable. Brand colours have the strength to illustrate emotions. It would help if you took the time to brainstorm about how each factor would influence your clothing brand for the better — or for worse. Some colours define different meanings. Like

PINK: Pink focuses on femininity, youth, romance and sweetness.

LIGHT PINK, HOT PINK, MAROON: These colours provide Friendly and Innocent vibes.

NAVY, YELLOW: These colours are associated with Professional and Optimistic.

PURPLE: This colour is associated with supremacy as only monarchs could afford the expensive colour.

GREEN- Green is mainly linked with nature, revival, freshness, and health.

GRAYSCALE – Grayscale, black, or monochrome approach connected with minimalism and elegance. It also stands for power and authority.

RED- Red is the colour of passion, excitement, energy, and danger. Again red is the symbol of love.

BLUE- Blue emits a sense of tranquillity, trustworthiness, stability, and competence.

BLACK: Black talk about Authoritative, potent, refined, and mysterious.

The appropriate font can convey so much about your clothing brand, and it’s essential to include it in your clothing brand guide. Preferring a font that talks to your brand are a challenging task—there are thousands of fonts available. You may find yourself emotionally attached to art, but you need to stop and think if that attachment is for the development of the brand. Some essential factors in choosing the right fonts are category, timelessness, and combination.

There are six different types of categories.


Decorative fonts This type of font involves a highly stylized font that is unique and creative.

Handwritten Handwritten font indicates a whimsical and informal approach.

Script This font highlights your business elegance.

Sans Serif Sans serif font is used for a modern and intelligent look.

Serif This font is traditional in its approach.

Slab Serif Slab Serif font tends to be bolder and quite quirky.


It is necessary to allocate adequate time to brainstorm about the font and colour of your clothing business logo. Our professional logo designers prefer detailed research before designing your clothing logo concepts. Multiple concepts and continuous revisions ultimately turn into high-resolution logos. We provide custom-designed logos in all standard formats and serve clothing business communities in Houston and surrounding areas. Share your clothing business idea with us; we will transform your vision into several unique concepts.


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